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Next Generation Soccer Training

Young boy dribbling a soccer ball

TOCA offers technology-enhanced soccer training designed to produce rapid skill improvement and develop well-rounded players. The key is TOCA’s proprietary technology, including the Touch Trainer, Smart Targets, Studio Screens, and personalized data tracking, that take your game to the next level.

Overall, you get at least 200 match-quality touches on the ball per TOCA training session - equivalent to a week full of practices! Additionally, you can see your progress during each training session through real-time stats that give you data-driven feedback on your accuracy, efficiency, quickness, and more.

TOCA’s exclusive training tools will fine-tune your touch, improve your skills and sharpen your in-game awareness and decision-making. Become the player you want to be with TOCA

Make Every Touch Count

A soccer ball machine called TOCA Touch Trainer

Your first touch on a ball is one of the most important skills to develop. Possessing a good first touch can be the difference between creating a scoring opportunity for your team or gifting one to your opponent.

TOCA’s Touch Trainer is a revolutionary tool that develops your first touch by delivering passes at various speeds and trajectories. Compared to other training programs that produce fewer touches for players, the Touch Trainer is guaranteed to serve a minimum of 200 match-quality touches every training session.

Key to providing you with so many quality touches is TOCA’s innovative “small ball” methodology. Lighter and smaller than a size 5 ball, the TOCA ball reduces physical stress on your body. Our “small ball” also improves your accuracy by honing your ability to target the optimal strike zones on a regulation ball.

Train Smart

Young girl training with TOCA Smart Targets

Smart Targets light up, acting as a teammate, allowing for game-like scenarios that improve your situational awareness and condition you to make quick, smart decisions.

Track Progress in Real-Time

Soccer trainer and player looking at a TV screen with training stats

Your real-time performance data is displayed on a studio screen - tracking improvements and inspiring you to find your best.

Join the TOCA Community

Soccer trainers meeting young soccer players

From our friendly front desk staff to our best-in-class trainers, TOCA is dedicated to helping you become the player you want to be.

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