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Your player will be paired with players of a similar ability based on their Baseline Session results. Here are the training clinics we currently offer:

Beginner Clinics

Players will train in a fun and supportive environment where they will practice the game’s most repetitive actions: receiving, turning, passing, and finishing. Through engaging exercises, players will build a strong technical foundation, develop their cognitive awareness and decision-making skills, build confidence, and foster a love for the game.

Intermediate Clinics

Players will practice various receiving, passing, turning, and finishing techniques in an engaging, fun, and focused high-repetition learning environment. This clinic offers the ideal setting for dedicated players who want to improve their technical skills in a game-like environment to take their game to the next level.

North Vancouver Soccer

Looking for a way to introduce your child to the beautiful game of soccer? TOCA Soccer classes are the perfect solution! 

Our seasons are open enrollment and you can join anytime! 

Designed for children ages 1 to 13, our classes provide:

  • An Indoor Soccer Community 
  • Dedicated Coaches 
  • Curriculum Developed by Soccer Experts
  • Fun and Friends

Beginning Soccer (Level 1: 1-2 years)

Welcome to soccer! This class offers a fun, engaging experience that will improve your child's fine & gross motor skills, balance, and coordination. Age appropriate soccer skills are introduced. Adult Participation is Required.

Learning Soccer (Level 2: 3-4 years)

This class introduces age appropriate soccer skills using individual & group activities that drive soccer development. Through our cooperative, fun games, players build the self-confidence needed to succeed on the field.

Establishing Soccer (Level 3: 5-6 years)

This class focuses on age-appropriate soccer skills using individual & group activities that drive soccer development. Classes devote time to learning needed concepts of soccer to prepare players for real game experiences.

Develop Your Game (Level 4: 7-8 years)

This class focuses on enhancing the player's basic technical foundation, including ball mastery, receiving, and passing techniques in a fun learning environment. Players build relationships and learn how to work as a team through small-sided gameplay. Experience engaging game-like situations during the sessions.

Optimize Your Game (Level 5: 9-10 years)

This class focuses on enhancing ball mastery skills through engaging technical exercises. Players work together in small-sided games to enhance decision-making and apply their skills in a fun and competitive environment. It's the perfect blend of skill development and fun!

Supercharge Your Game (Level 6: 11-13 years)

This class focuses on enhancing ball mastery skills, teamwork, and competitiveness. Players improve their receiving, passing, and finishing techniques through challenging technical exercises. We introduce small-sided games that encourage teamwork and decision-making.

Membership Levels and Class Schedule

Try a Soccer Class for Free

New to TOCA and want to try a free class? Visit our classes page, send your contact info, and we will contact you to schedule a free trial.


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