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Welcome to the first of its kind, next generation soccer training. At TOCA, our technology enabled training sessions, led by world-class coaches, drive rapid improvements and results that cannot be matched anywhere else. Our techniques develop well-rounded players through quality repetitions and game-like simulations utilizing our latest patented technology.

Touch Trainer

The Touch Trainer is a revolutionary solution that builds a player’s touch with a variety of delivery ball speeds and trajectories delivered at up to 50 mph. Serving an average of 200 touches per session, the Touch Trainer guarantees our players more quality touches in 12 training sessions than than they would get playing in 96 games!

Smart Targets

Smart Targets bring your training experience to a new level through real-time data. Utilizing target lights, Smart Targets elevate training sessions with game-like simulations and condition our players to make quick, smart decisions.

Player Portal

The Player Portal, a TOCA Member exclusive app, allows the player to receive real-time data and review post-training stats.  The portal allows the player to track their progression over time.

Player Pathways

Player Pathways is the latest evolution in our approach to personal soccer training. A carefully curated set of lessons intended to be teach you all aspects of the game, Player Pathways is a progression roadmap to achieving your training goals.

Real-Time Session Data

Throughout a TOCA Training session, each player's real-time performance data is projected instantly on a studio screen  - tracking improvements and pushing players to find their best.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Chat with a trainer
The best thing about TOCA training is that you get so many extra touches on the ball and extra practice with
things you can use in a game.

Campbell M., 12 year old TOCA Athlete

Coach AJ was great. I love the attention to details and emphasizing key movements to each exercise.
His energy was phenomenal!


Seth was amazing! My daughter truly needs encouragement. He provided skill, technique, and enthusiastic encouragement. Allowing her to be excited about being a Keeper and want to return to TOCA!


Tyler is Awesome! He is so positive and encouraging. He explains things to me so well where it makes sense and can understand how to get better!


This was such an amazing lesson! Thank you Rafael for your patience, drills and teaching. Also special thanks to Tim Meadows for taking the time to give feedback! Cindy doing reservations is such a delight!! We love TOCA!


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