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We have a Private Training Studio where we can focus on you, the client, without any interruptions from other outside influences while your session is going. However, if we need more space we still have our entire training facility to take advantage of, that way your training program is designed to the fullest and specifically for you.

New Clients Assessment Includes:

  • Free consultation session
  • Comprehensive medical history
  • Functional movement screening
  • Postural Analysis
  • Strength Testing
  • Training program discussion
  • Personal discuss about you

Adult Private Training Sessions Offered:

Private 1-on-1

  • Sessions will take place in our newly renovated Training Room, this allows the client and trainer to be able to privately focus on your needs only during the session.
  • Training in a private space has shown clients have better success in their programs as they are more open to pushing themselves harder without feeling judged and also their knowledge increases because they better understand the what and why's of the program.
  • We build our programs from the bottom up.  Which means we like to look at your overall functionality by running you through a series of exercises to see where the weak points may lie in your body.  Your training program will then be designed to help strengthen those less developed areas while still building upon the strengths that you have.  Which in return will give you a great foundation to continue building off of for your current and future training sessions.

Small Groups (2-4 Clients)

  • Sessions can either take place in our Training Room, Weight Room/Track, or on one of the playing surfaces.
  • These groups are usually put together by the clients because of their close friendships, goals are relatively the same, or their medical/orthopedic issues are closely related.
  • Allows the trainer to seamlessly design a program that will benefit and challenge each client within that small group.

North Vancouver
Johns Creek
West Cobb
Costa Mesa
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